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Reporters 24×7 is powered by Gracier India & Supported by Samarpan Bharat (NGO).
Reporters 24×7 is a platform for unorganized freelance & employed News Reporters for unity and work with freedom. A News reporter can join us if he/she is employed or not. We provide portals for raise your voice, truth reporting and save the values. Now a days, mostly media houses are reporting like paid and spreading unwanted rumors. They are changing the mean of reporting. But still there are some news workers fighting for truth and values & they never scarify under any circumstances. So we are the platform for them and we provide all tools to put their wordings and voice to the public.

Some of our news portals, which will start soon, are:

Soon we will provide a large number of portals for your easy working.

Reporter 24×7 is a initiative of Samarpan Bharat (NGO) with the support of Gracier India, A Registered News Network & Digital Media Company under MSME, which is authorized for development of Softwares, Websites, Portals and digital marketing. Samarpan Bharat is working in various social fields like Gauseva, religious and social works for education, plantation, medical camps and helping poor people with public support and under the guide of various Saints. The main aims of Samarpan Bharat are Unity, fight for problems in society, awareness and health issues. On time to time we organize public rallies for social issues also. We also running some portals for public benefits like matrimonial portal, business directory for business growth and free Advertisement portal for free condolence messages.
Any people can support us by donation for social causes.


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